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Simplify the quoting process so it's the last thing you need to worry about

About Us

Quotely has been operating in stealth since 2017 tweaking and optimizing our solution.  We have a couple of resellers who have been using our solution and providing feedback during that time.

Our Purpose

Quotely was created out of necessity.  We couldn’t find an all encompassing solution that could handle quoting and order processing without being so cumbersome.  There are third party solutions that integrate with Salesforce but the integration and order management didn’t always behave the way it was intended to plus multiple systems increased the overall costs.  Making all these systems integrate with each other and translate data properly felt like a hack more than it did a viable solution. We all have those nightmare stories about a quote or order that wouldn’t sync properly between your CRM and the tool itself.  Different upgrade cycles for each vendor caused instability.  We wanted to completely eliminate that scenario altogether. Quotely was created to provide a reseller with all the tools that larger resellers have at a fraction of the cost.  One platform to perform all your needs.  This gives you a 360 degree view on customers and orders.  You can see exactly when an opportunity was created, its entire history all the way to an invoice is created.

Design Principle

Our solution was designed to reduce the amount of work necessary to do any task, especially repetitive tasks.  You can see an example of this in action when you create a quote using Quotely.  If we can eliminate a user click somewhere along the process we did.  We also learned to be careful of how much we automate.  Further expanding on our design principle we made sure to be careful how much data we were presenting to the user such as the quote editor and the PO creator.  No need to present a lot of data if it’s unnecessary for the task at hand.  We really tried to use the KISS principle for the whole solution.  Our goal was to make the whole quoting tool intuitive to reduce the training and make it obvious what you need to do.

Our Goal


Unlike other solutions that develop a product and then make little revisions and enhancements our goal is to constantly push the limit on what Resellers can do with their quoting tools.  We have a pretty ambitious roadmap.  One of the things we are most excited about taking Quotely to the public is we want to hear your ideas and suggestions.  We are going to be careful how we implement improvements so we don’t create too much change to the system that it becomes a constant burden on training users.


Contact Quotely

Drop us a line with any questions, or demo requests.

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