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What is is for Resellers who use Salesforce

Why not just use Salesforce?

Salesforce was not built with variable costs in mind. In fact Salesforce doesn’t natively have costs at all.  It’s all based on price books that change the list price and everything is calculated on discount off of list prices.  This method works great for vendors and OEMs, not so well for Resellers.  That’s where Quotely comes in.


Why Salesforce?

Almost every salesperson at some point in their career uses or is using Salesforce today.  Salesforce is an amazingly powerful CRM.  Quotely allows your team to tap into that knowledge and existing experience.  All your opportunity data is still there.  This just gives you even more data.  Since Quotely stores it’s data in Salesforce, the data it provides can be used by Salesforce Einstein for predictability analysis.  All the amazing features of Salesforce can be used with Quotely.


What exactly is Quotely?

Quotely is a Salesforce Managed App that installs in Salesforce in about 20 minutes.  It adds much needed features to Salesforce to support Resellers.

  • Replaces the Standard Quote Editor to quickly create Quotes in seconds.  Mass apply margin to your quote with a few clicks.

  • Supporting Quote drag and drop file upload to instantly OCR your vendor or distributor quotes. Add other partners with unique quote types easily.

  • Cost Analysis on your distributors quotes and every quote you ever got for a part number for comparison.

  • Sales Orders to process your orders, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Shipping Notices, etc.

  • Order Tracking portal for your customers to see real-time updates on their orders, with tracking numbers

  • Contract vehicle support for Government Resellers using GWACs\IDIQs like SEWP, ITES, GSA, 2GIT.  RFQ Ingest to handle fulfillment and response rate tracking.

  • Blanket Purchase Agreements for customers you have negotiated prices with.  You can also generate a cost avoidance reports for your customers.  This works really well for SEWP Agency Catalogs too.

  • Commissions are fully integrated into Quotely.  You can add your Commission Plans in and set custom plans with features like defining the commissions on Margin. Deal Incentives to push your reps to increase total margin and margin percent for a deal.  You can also define custom roles on a deal for Sales Engineers and Inside Sales Reps to receive a set percentage.  Quotely creates the commissions when invoices are created.  Your sales reps can be granted read only access to see these commissions as they are created.

  • Vendor Invoice Queue to process Accounts Payable for Purchase Orders generated from Quotely.  Vendor Invoices are applied against POs so you can keep track of what you were invoiced for to make sure you only get invoiced for the exact amount that was on your P.O. and nothing more.  This creates a burn down of your POs.  You can keep track of variance amounts so you can do reporting of what vendors or distributors are your constant offenders. If you haven’t already invoiced your customer for what you were just invoiced for it will prompt you.


3rd Party Support

Avalara - Automate your Sales and Use Tax filings and get instant Tax Rates for customers.  We can’t recommend this enough.  It has cut down on all the calls we get to file tax filings for every state we do business with.  One of the resellers who uses Quotely does business in almost all 50 states.  This is a huge savings of time and money.

Financial Force - push data straight to financial force to automate your GL

Quickbooks - This is a roadmap item that we are in the planning stages on.  If this is something you need we can push it higher in the priority list.

Ingram Micro - Order Status updates are automatically received in real-time and processed in Quotely.  Download quotes using just the Ingram quote number.

Synnex - Quote download from ECExpress using just the quote number.  Order status is on the roadmap as well.  It a high priority item so this is expected to go live within the next six months or sooner.

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