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Quoting for Resellers Using Salesforce

Completely eliminate cut and paste and rapidly generate quotes for your customers natively in Salesforce Drag and Drop.gif

Quickly OCR your Distributor Quotes

Save Time / Eliminate Errors

Native Salesforce Integration

Completely eliminate the need to cut and paste a quote to a customer and increase the accuracy of what you quote them.  Allows your sales team to focus on customer needs and price strategies and not the process of quoting.

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Why Quotely?

Quoting done easily! Invest your time where it's needed

Easy setup

Implementation is simple.  

Installs as a managed app inside Salesforce.  Requires some configuration and you're off to quoting!  If you don't have Salesforce we can still help you with that portion as well.

Accurate Forecasting

By syncing quotes directly to opportunities forecasts can be updated to the penny!

Forecast Margins

Consider Win Rates into Forecasts

Increase Accuracy 


RFQs for Government Contract Holders

Contract Vehicle support for Government Resellers using GWACs\IDIQs like SEWP, ITES, GSA, 2GIT.

Handle Fullfillment

Response Tracking

RFQ Request Automation

RFQ Analysis for Trends / Purchases

Data Harvest Contacts, Accounts, Addresses from RFQs

Commission Management

You can add your Commission Plans in and set custom plans with features like defining the commissions on Margin. Deal Incentives to push your reps to increase total margin and margin percent for a deal.  You can also define custom roles on a deal for Sales Engineers and Inside Sales Reps to receive a set percentage.  Quotely creates the commissions when invoices are created.  Your sales reps see these commissions as they are created.

Customize Your Own Commission Plans

Creates Commissions When Products Invoiced

Deal Incentives to Encourage Increased Margins

Getting the Bill

Automate Your  Order Management integrates into all popular distributors to automatically retrieve order status and notify your customers if anything changes.  Plus it synchronizes the estimated shipping dates so your customers can see the realtime status using the Order Status page.  You can give your customers the link to see their order in realtime.

Order Tracking Page for your Customers

Prompts you to invoice your customer if you were invoiced for something

Keep Track of Variance Amounts if you are over billed or under billed

Our Clients

"We saw our quote rate go up

by 400%"

This purpose built quoting tool for value-added-resellers was the best i've seen.  For once our sales team didn't hate the quoting tool we had.  We get all the information we need for forecasting and reporting based on the sales team using the quoting tool.

Lee Berlin
Chief Financial Officer - DH Tech

Why do resellers love Quotely?

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